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Fercyte is a Men's Sexual Health Dietary Supplement.


Increase your erectile power with Fercyte and PDE5 inhibitor combination therapy.
Fercyte can help you get stronger erections. 

*Studies are highlighted the superiority of concomitant administration of substances with antioxidant properties (such as l-arginine or -l-carnitine) and PDE5 inhibitors.


Fercyte is also a male fertility supplements (Sperm booster).

**Fercyte Liquid supports normal sperm production, fertility and reproduction

  • Count, Concentration

  • Motility, Forward Motility

  • Morphology

  • DNA Fragmentation

fercyte sperm .jpg

In the **Cochrane database analysis, it has been shown that Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folate, selenium, zinc, arginine, carnitine, carotenes, coenzyme Q10 and cysteine, which are substances with direct antioxidant effects, are effective through the antioxidative mechanism in various stages of male infertility.


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